im all for finding your identity in this world, but you aint gonna find it wading through a sea of useless stupid bullshit


I didn’t know that The Simpsons did a One Piece crossover.


I didn’t know that The Simpsons did a One Piece crossover.

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usually when you politely ask someone to tag their whatever, they will do that

in other case you may get a one big “fuck you and unfollow me”

The “Safe Space” had me rolling

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I’ve done this, i just put together the pics ç_ç but is so saaad!!

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30 Day One Piece Challenge!

Day 3: Favorite Scene ›› Declaration of War

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The greatest scene in all animated movie history.

I may or may not recite this when I’m looking for things.

I wonder how long people have been waiting for these gifs

probably just as long as they’ve been waiting for Incredibles 2 

Good news, they announced yesterday that Incredibles 2 is happening.

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Merry's last wish

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Aokiji: why didn't you just run away like you always do?
I'm sure you could've run away, even from the cp9, if it were only you.
Robin: ...i told you that's different from before, didn't i?
I couldn't leave them to die...
Aokiji: The giant who fought for ohara 20 years ago: jaguar D. saul,
we were very good friends. I'ts my duty, to observe what you do with your life...
beacuse i respected his will and let you get away from the island...
did you, finally find a place to harbor yourself!?
Robin: ... yes.
Aokiji: whether or not saul's decision to let you live was correct...
are you going to show me the answer?
Robin: ... i intend to...
Aokiji: ... then live yout life to the fullest, ohara hasn't fallen yet.

Extract from OP chapter 433

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